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Mechanical engineering consultancy - Oil and gas

Oil and gas

Our knowledge and expertise over a range of engineering industries enables us to offer innovative and cost-effective design solutions for using sustainable energy technologies.

Sustainable engineering solutions

We provide an understandable range of very skilled engineering design services for the sustainable energy sector, from concept feasibility and basic site surveys, through to intricate design, finite element analysis, creation of complete manufacturing drawings and final commissioning on the actual sites.

Our many disciplinary approaches allow us to consider all facets of sustainable energy projects including tailor-made machinery design, structural creations, hydraulics and electronic control systems.

We work with

Our team of engineers offer creative and realistic engineering solutions for the requirements of the growing sustainable energy sector. We have carried out a design study for a creative brushless magnetic drive system for a wind turbine. We have also finished concept and feasibility stages for both wave and tidal generators.

With our multi-discipline teamwork approach, we are well situated to help with the infrastructure of sustainable energy schemes. We lately worked on a wind farm project off the Norfolk coast where we were responsible for the creation of the route and profile for a drill in the setting up of a cable duct under a train line and environmentally problematic beach.